If you're reading this, you have decided to start to improve your voice in a major way! This course is designed to give you a full look at each register of the voice and has hand crafted exercises geared to improve concepts within those registers! It also has fun videos on breathing, warmups, vocal health, breaking vocal myths, anatomy, and performative and acting work to really help you shine!

Please, at any point, leave a comment on the videos if you have ANY issues with the exercises or you just want confirmation that you're doing them correctly. Along with this course, you'll receive the option to send me monthly videos for me to review for you to let you if you're in the right place, and also the option of a free 45 minute 1 on 1 session with me, to be scheduled at any time. 

Note that you may not record, share or duplicate these videos for use for anyone not registered for the course, nor may you reproduce or share the video content for any video sharing or audio platform.